My blogging journey the #30DayAfriBlogger

My blogging journey started on Tumblr, later on this site on WordPress and after winning a fashion blogger award at Zimbabwe Fashion  2012, travelled to Malaysia for a boy and 2013 decided it was time to pursue a Media Management PostGrad Diploma.

In 2014 was hired as an inhouse blogger and social media person for Sunday Mail Newspaper, wrote a column on fashion and food for a year. I continued to hate routine and became a travel blogger now travel entrepreneur. Oh and fashion, I showcased a collection in Lilongwe in 2017.

I also now am a FESO brand ambassador, well my natural hair is, it was always a business decision.

I lost 14 kgs since November 2016 to September 2017 and keeping myself busy and fit!

Lessons from blogging is you have to know why you started, being a fashion journo, although I ended up being much more than that it has led to me to my various passions. Unemployment lead me to start a blog, get a job and change my career more than once.

My advice is keep blogging! Yes I am still on wordpress free hosting, sigh sigh… oh well!




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