Swaziland Bushfire…When Jah Prayzah started an army

Malkerns Swaziland – the headline show of the evening was Jah Prayzah and the 3rd Generation Band.

Marasta in the air…Mukudzei Mukombe

30 minutes before the show was to start fans from around Africa wore military clothing and were waving the Zimbabwe flag. Making sure they are right by the stage.

Nicknamed Musoja by his fans, as an army chanted “Jah Prayzah Jah Prayzah Jah Prayzah” as the band setup their instruments a marimba, saxophone, guitar and the usual sound check.

When the man of the moment arrived on stage smartly dressed in his signature look, the crowd went ballistic.
As I secured the front standing a young fan from South Africa asked me,

“Are you from Zimbabwe, how do I say I LOVE YOU in Shona.”

Immediately after learning the most important words to her at that moment she screamed, “Ndinokuda!” So that her Man Crush, Mukudzei Mukombe could hear in his own language her affectionate words.

It dawned on me that Zimbabwe has produced another musical superstar in music, his good looks have also made him a hunk to many fans.

Not one to dissapoint the uzumba musician managed to charm the crowd with the choreography, energy as he waved his locks and smiled at the crowd.

His ability to dance and maintain his vocal ability through his high energy songs. It is a shame his back up singer…the one who replaced gonyeti was a beautiful woman but her voice was more UGLYISHA…eish…sister kure ne microphone please!

Jah Prayzah with his best backup dancer and singer… I nicknamed her Tete

An hour set could not be enough as he sang “Mwanasikana anodiwa nehama”, Watora Mari we would have liked to hear Ngoda as well.

The final song was Mdhara Achauya…the most viral song of all his tracks.

However the dance section, where the music plays was cut short. That was the best song of his album that is being sung across cultures, an extended version for live performances would have been great for live performances… maybe as an opener.

ChiArmy chacho chakanyanya!

Still a world class act who stole the show at Bushfire Festival in Swaziland.




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