Mozambique Adventure . . .When Freshly Ground said the F word on stage at Azgo

It was a beautiful warm day and cool evening in Maputo as Azgo Festival fever filled the air.

Limited stock of the backpacks. A few will be made available from us. Source @ms_tatchai Instagram

Many guests sipping on the famous beer 2M known as the flavour of the coastal town at the event. Unfortunately the demand was higher than expected and the bar system proved inefficient if one did not speak Portuguese to grab attention.

Never the less the shopping stalls for African arts crafts and inspired designer clothes were abuzz with shoppers from around the world.


A main attraction was the electric performance by Freshly Ground who make a statement of activism in their song.

A moment to reflect was when Zolani heard a fan make an inappropriate comment about her removing her panties for him. As an african wife, mother and powerful woman she did not let this comment go. She addressed him by cussing at him for not being man enough, “fuck you” pulling a finger.

The audience was stunned; after explaining how the violence towards women in South Africa is fatal if we continue to ignore and condone such comments we will not progress. It was unaaceptable behaviour despite the situation.such abuse verbal and physical creates a dangerous scenario of women being treated as objects owned by all men.

I thought YEEEES Zolani YEEEEES you are standing up for us because even in our work environments we have to ignore it because we make excuses for violence against women.

A break made the band announce a call for political reform, speaking about HIFA and the song that got them deported on arrival The controversial Chicken To Change dedication to Robert G. Mugabe. Having a Zimbabwean guitarist in the band.

Not one to shy away from the unspeakable she dedicated it to many of the African leaders including Zuma.

The bold approach is one where you listen and decide whether you are in agreement with them or not. Politics seem to be very divisive for many who rather celebrate our similarities despite differing ideologies (Heineken ad anyone?).

To a packed audience the festival returnees gave their all to their fest goers.  The crowd danced to their breakout song – “Doo Be Doo” and the World Cup 2010 official song “Time For Africa” was a hit and unifying song to end their one hour slot at the festival.

Crowds continued to throng the one day event to listen to Brazilian Maria Gadu and Boss AC who rapped Portuguese hip hop. The whole world gathered in celebration for Azgo Festival

Language a barrier we made one friend at the fest who wasnt Anglophonetic and too bad for me also unable to speak the language



– via @hambanow


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