Making a “Proudly Zimbabwean” statement with @AmaZimZim_ZW 2017 collection

The flag, That Flag of Zimbabwe is now commonly known as #ThisFlag, can no longer we worn as a scarf, as 2016 revealed a rebellion associated with wearing it as a scarf. So how can we show off Zimbabwe, even as a souvenir to tourist.

Meet AMAZIMZIM, or simply AMZZ  A Zimbabwean clothing line that says, I am a Zimbabwean, in a proud manner.

The Brand AmaZimZim is about positivity, believing in your dreams, working hard to achieve your dreams and never giving up on your dreams. In team AmaZimZim we always say “BOO TO NEGATIVE ENERGY

In a country that has so much negative perception by many who have never been here, heck even Zimbabweans have a self-resentment to saying they are Zimbabwean often scared of the negative connotations.

AMZZ classic
The AMAZIMZIM CLASSIC TEE!! Get yours for only $15.

Here is someone who is boldly saying, We are a nation full of dreams and hope, with collections in vernacular language.

The classic t-shirt costs $15, while the new collection tees cost $20


The AMZZ 2017 collection for the next few months will be releasing fresh designs of their signature tee-shirts, that have been a favourite locally and the diaspora.

THE AMAZIMZIM GRAFFITI TEE!! Get yours now for only $20

About the inspiration:

“Graffiti is an explosion, but an organised beautiful explosion. Alive with colour showing the vibrancy of youthful energy. Designed to cater to the young and young at heart, pre-teens, teens and hip young adults,” says the Creative Director of the label.

Definitely a good choice of t-shirt

How to get one?

Get yours now for only US$20

Email :

Cell : +263 772 384 210



On our next adventure, details coming soon will be showcasing our nationality as I represent Zimbabwe in an upcoming event.




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