AfroUrban backpacks trend, from Moçambique!

African print adds flair to any outfit. It says absolute African and modern when accessories are clad in fabrics inspired by AFRICA.

Ola from Moçambique! HAMBA now my travel company is going to African festivals and we saw backpacks at Azgo Festival and bought ourselves one for the laptop baggage.

I got tourist price as my chaperone wasn’t prepared for the haggle as I am a genius at it. I ended up buying an extra bag and after asking my close people they loved the bag. Turns out this is a hot trend in accessories. Street wear Afro chic every fashionista should own.

Limited stock of the backpacks. A few will be made available from us. Source @ms_tatchai Instagram

I only have a few with $40 each, $70 for two, or $100 for three patchwork bags. I also have earrings and bangles in supply. Having got myself some souvenir Tshirts as well.

A trendy backpack in Kitenge

There is so much inspiration out there on this must have trend.

Source Pinterest

Whether in one print or multiple this trend is on point. How would you rock the backpacks?





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