HAMBANOW.COM ready to party for the Mosi Lager Day of Thunder

Hamba Now is a new-age travel initiative that seeks to fulfill personal travel planning needs and curate one of the most affordable cultural tourism packages and that is the simple reason why I love being a member of their team.

Meaning that, where there is a cultural celebration, WE WILL BE THERE. With Diamond Platnumz it is promising to be a celebration, with VIP tag access we will be posting the most exclusive behind the scenes and on the scene posts on our INSTAGRAM and TWITTER.

As an advocate for affordable local tourism and diverse cultural experiences, travelling to Mosi Day Of Thunder to be held in the exciting town of Livingstone, Zambia on Saturday, April the 29th.

My first time at the festival, on this amazing gig for HAMBANOW, I am going to the festival solely with a ‘go with the flow’ attitude.

I look forward to meeting thousands of travel lovers of some of Africa’s beautiful and interesting children while the local brew of Mosi Lager.

Also having the tags will allow me access to view the actual MOSI OA TUNYA falls for free at Livingstone’s Victoria Falls Park.

Bias or not, i believe i am based in one of the coolest places in the world and I just cannot picture myself living anywhere else other than the eccentric and fascinating Victoria Falls town. Both Livingstone and my town share the river, amazing wildlife, culture, Zambezi and the iconic falls “MOSI OA TUNYA”.

The hashtag to follow is #MosiDayOfThunder

Together we THUNDER! 


(By George Chigaru for HAMBANOW.com)


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