Rocky Dawuni, African Reggae artist coming to Zimbabwe #HIFA2017

Ghanaian Reggae singer, nominated for Best Reggae Album at the GRAMMYS 2016 edition, Rocky Dawuni is coming for Harare International Festival of the Arts 2017.

We met the beautiful humble soul at Sauti za Busara as he was the main act. We spoke to his team at the festival and they expressed interest in coming to Zimbabwe’s HIFA.

Rocky Dawuni at Sauti za Busara

At a press conference HIFA gave the media a sneak peek into the artistes to expect and Rocky Dawuni was announced.

The reggae artist album “Branches of the Same Tree” is available on Apple Music and is the website to learn more about him.

In a conversation in Zanzibar with 2015 Grammy nominee, Rocky Dawuni (Ghana), he said authenticity and innovation can make African artistes break onto the international musical scene.

“I was nominated for a Grammy for my album ‘Branches of the Same Tree’, which was a first for my country. For an artiste to move beyond their usual environment and break into the global scene, they need that mindset that whatever art they are doing, they are doing it for their people but also for all the people in the world. And your music and how you really position yourself is all towards feeding into that whole philosophy,” said Dawuni.

He spoke about the lack of musical institutions that serve as platforms for artistes to reach the global level.

In Ghana, he says many musicians have to carry their brands by themselves without any institutional support system.

“What it did was make me stronger and understand that for me to push the music forward I had to constantly innovate, be open enough to learn from other sources and really be able to grow my music. I had to strengthen my songwriting and I also got to have a sense of humility so that people could be able to open doors for me. One needs an unquenchable thirst and sense of mission to go out there and be heard,” he added.

We are very excited about HIFA with the theme being “STAGING AN INTERVENTION”

Listen to a favourite mood pleaser, I was crying this one evening and saw the notification on YouTube on a new song “Shine a Light”

Much Love xoxo



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