Festival fashion the HAMBA Mzuri Sana travel collection

I love me some festival fashion, the music and the fun needs clothes that are easy and liberating.

Hence I never seem to find enough clothing that can express my free spirit with the right balance of culture and fashion. 

As a travel blogger, I am about the hippie life and finding myself in the most simple manner as possible. HAMBA has awakened an African appreciation in me and I wanted to share that with my first love, fashion.

Ngosikadzi Style was such a project I did before I experienced enough of the world and knew enough about costing items. After 3 years since Ngosikadzi Style, I am collaborating with another designer to create fest fashion flair for the travelling African.

Introducing to the world HAMBA travel gear samples on the way.

By the way we had a open call on our social media and only one creative responded, a good friend of ours – Signature Toscie’s ELIXIR, a fashion house by a well known blogger, Tendai Kamusikiri.

How I met Tendai was when she tweeted me about blogging after I won the Fashion Blogging award, and I always told her to do what her heart feels is right. So like every blogger she evolves into something new now and again, right now its clothing manufacturing.

After I travelled from Tanzania where there was Sauti za Busara I got some amazing fabric made by local manufacturers in Tanzania.

I am a fan of the Khanga fabric border printed named after the Guinea Fowl animal because of the amazing print on the bird, it inspired the naming of the vibrant traditional fabric.

Meet the HAMBAxELIXIR sleeveless jacket

My sister’s sister in law, helped me find the fabric in Dar es Salaam city centre.

ELIXIR made the border come out really nicely and the lining added a touch of glamour as well as Afro flavour.

Hambanow jackets (2)
Full length view of the jack, front and back

We will soon be working out a price for the jackets, but this is why you should get yourself a jacket as part of the HAMBA collection we have named as

“Mzuri Sana Collection” – inspired by my trip to Tanzania which was “very nice” “beautiful to behold” in Swahili and I feel this collection will have meaning and depth.

Why you should own a HAMBA by ELIXIR Jacket: Our Review

Pan African feel, the Fabric is from Tanzania, ELIXIR jackets are made IN Zimbabwe by a Zimbabwean who pays attention to detail.

ELIXIR jackets because of the symmetry in the border usage and has lining which most designers skip in order to cut costs. Quality is a priority for the fashionista who loves to be bold.

HAMBA travel gear will make it practical for festival gear and well as everyday wardrobe pieces, we handpick our fabrics and pay attention to the detail in print and look, expect vibrancy and bold designs.

Hambanow jackets (1)
Spice up your HAMBA Mzuri Sana jacket with a silver clutch

HAMBA collection will be coming soon, as soon as we get sorted on pricing and find enough orders. For now you can get a jacket done by getting in touch with them here  ELIXIR Signature Toscie






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