Bentonite Clay for the face to slay, zit-zapping tricks

Bentonite Clay is helping my face to slay, I need it now more than ever.

Apparently bacteria we interact with at the workplace, and gym and touching our face can cause acne and dirt accumulating. I touch my face so much, this is no surprise why I have zits coming in.

However I never let them show on my face. Winter is a better month for my skin and it alters per season so facewashes have to change.

A combination of diet choices, little water hydration, lifestyle choices impact the skin’s look. So I made the decision to cut the crap I was eating and drinking and enjoy some health.

Some people clay their hair, but I am not about to use so much of my time with muddy hair, nope, nossir not me!

What to do

Get BENTONITE CLAY, I got mine from Afro Essentials a Facebook page in Zimbabwe

Mix one part water and one part clay in non metallic container and a non metallic mixing utensil (avoid chemical reaction)

Put it on your face, I wash my face first with Facewash and pat dry then add the clay mixture.

Let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes on your face, depending how much your skin can take the tightening, I remove once i feel pain…also don’s try to laugh with a mask on…pain..ful.

Rinse with warm water and pat dry and voila toxin free.

Stopping that ZIT from showing its ugly

If you feel a lump and pain, a zit is looming, a mega zit…

At night at home, squeeze it as much as you can without tearing skin…

Place a bit of mask clay (any clay drying mask facewash will also do a great job) on it and surrounding areas, around it, place it overnight to absorb all the excess oil. Do it for the next two days and the zit will be gone baby gone





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