Too Legit To Quit ~ staying stylish while getting fit!

MOTTO thanks to Cassper Nyovest, Too Legit to Quit in his hit song “TWO LEGIT”.

This is 2017, I started my health journey after a trip I took to Swaziland  last year. It was after my 3rd or 2nd day in gym, Cassper was on TRACE.

From his new body, high level fitness and style, I knew it was time I took this journey as a test of my character and stay stylish while at it.

Cassper Nyovest, went from chunky, to 10kgs lighter and 100 times more…oooh la la #TooLegitToQuit

So December I decided to join a gym, I could afford, so I get better. I am aiming for at least 4 days a week of exercise.

Best thing is my gym has no mirrors, so no need to be checking if I am making any changes physically…except the one mirror I felt like a sea water seal.

So here are some of my tips on fitness style:

  1. Buy GOOD Quality Clothing,

Known brands for gym, will not have holes after using for a short time. Cheap gym wear, will not survive the stretch of squats, situps.

My expensive gym wear from Arundel Village, lasted longer than my knock off shop from downtown. No ways those fleamarket gym wear, will be transparent after sweat and wont hold your jelly.

Get ADIDAS, Reebok, PUMA, Nike originals and thank me later!

SHOES and gymwear needs to be on point to handle the friction of exercise

2. Buy Appropriate Shoes

Okay in Zimbabwe, finding shoes is impossible. Grab a bus to a border town, Messina or Botswana get some legit shoes. Comfort in shoes is important, find the right size, footing and design for your chosen sport or gym activity.

Always, prevent some serious damage to your knees. Shop online, something and get a good deal for your budget. Again quality is best, the damage shoes go from exercise is a lot so durability is important.

3. Stay Hydrated and Energised

If you know what electrolytes mixtures work, good for you, get a gym person to inform you what supps you need.

My advice is Potassium, in Bananas and Baobab Powder before the gym session take a Banana, during the exercise the baobab water solution, and after wards take some baobab. The potassium helps prevent cramping and keep me amped up!

Boity’s butt was worked for!

4. Understand your diet needs

Your diet helps achieve the goal. Bulking up or toning, means protein and more weights. Weightloss, cut carbs and sugar and fat in the diet…as a general rule. Understand what you need to eat less or more or none of something.

Get a real doctors opinion, no…not those who are fat and stuff…what do they know? A nutritionist will help you understand.

5. Never be discouraged, you have it in you

It takes time to learn how to run a marathon, increase your fitness and practice to be better, no need to over do it all at once, listen to your body and talk to you GP and what you need to do!

#TooLegitToQuit a new section for fitness and health on this blog, yes chile! we in it to win it!




4 thoughts on “Too Legit To Quit ~ staying stylish while getting fit!

  1. Keep it up, Tatenda! Also, we got a thing going about bringing African writers in some community or incubator of some sort. If you want in, just holler, and I’ll send you a sign up link. Anyway, keep writing; your writing is clean!


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