Voices of Wisdom – Sauti za Busara Festival Zanzibar

I am so excited to announce my travel calendar is scheduled for Sauti za Busara in Zanzibar, Tanzania. I have a connection with Zanzibar, basing my English composition on cats in the streets of Zanzibar having never been… I look forward to the cats and Swahili style streets in Stone Town.

The festival happens every February and has featured Ammara Brown and Cde Fatso, artistes from Zimbabwe.

StoneTown Zanzibar

It has a feel good vibe, dependant on donations from the community, it is a hub of opportunity for all artists in Africa.

Last time I went there, I had no money of my own, now I have my own company

This time around I hope to learn a lot more about the history and the culture with the festival offering me stellar entertainment. African music is guaranteed fun and dancing with my people so we cannot wait to take HAMBANOW to Tanzania and make contacts.

What to look forward to in Zanzibar:

Sauti za Busara Music Festival

Tickets for this are on sale at the moment, on busaramusic.org. We heard so much about it from mappafrica, an African mobile application for African music, art, places and people.

Flying the “Africa United” flag, the next edition during  9 – 12 February 2017 will feature 400 artists (40 groups) performing live on three stages.

Sounds like a JAM!

The beaches and blue waters

The beaches and people of Zanzibar are absolutely cool, cannot wait to have ZEGE on the beaches a local dish.

Maasai men at the beaches

Doreen Mashika store

The best place to shop in Zanzibar, the award winning designer has a store in Zanzibar. I visited the shop but had no bank account to begin with, okay I did but budget did not permit to take any thing.

Doreen Mashika accessories and clothing designer, VOGUE recognised.

Food Festival daily at night

In FORODHANI gardens is a food festival of sorts, a dinner food stall community that makes food that is fresh and delicious, an option for many tourists and backpackers.

Fresh vegetables and food from the night food stalls

These are only but a few reasons you should hop on a FASTJET and get your way to Dar Es Salaam from HRE or to Zanzibar from Johannesburg.




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