Party in MOSI, Jameson Victoria Falls Carnival

It was hot and happening as Jameson Whisky fully sponsored the 2016 edition of the carnival as we ushered into the new year. Our Instagram was one to follow as we gave a day by day posts of the fashion, art, music and epic vibes at the party!


Victoria Falls is a wonderful destination and the carnival was exceptionally entertaining, good music and a special shoutout to Batsi and Sijabulile my two body guards and dance partners at the carnival.

The Kiffness, Locnville, Goodluck, Tresor and Zimbabwean Sungura heir, SULUMAN Chimbetu were all very brilliant for New Years countdown.

The falls have so much activities possible with them and here are a few tips on what you can get up to after the festivities of the Falls:


1. Dinner Cruise

A dinner cruise will definitely be a must to experience what one can imagine David Livingstone the explorer should have experienced. A beautiful view of the animals, the dinner cruise has a four course meal and drinks on deck too.

Book with Victoria Falls Tour Link for it and other cool things, including the gorge swing, helicopter and wildlife related activities. A locally owned company!

2. The Crossover Walkathon

Cross over to Livingstone to see the falls from the other side, a scenic walk across the bridge will burn calories and your desire to see the great gorge. Carry your passports and if you are Zambian you get local rate. Foreigners pay $20.

In Livingstone we got a tour guide we paid ten bucks and it was great that locals are involved in touring the falls too.

He gave us so much insight into the whole situation of how there is memorial for British soldiers but none for our own Tonga people.

Afterwards we enjoyed the drinks by Livingstone Hotel, the food wasnt as spectacular as the waterfront budget hotel we visited last year, but the decor and grazing Zebras made it so cool.

3. The Victoria Falls Park

This is a MUST always make sure you see the falls from both sides, including the more majestic side of Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwean view is a beautiful site and the monumental David Livingstone statue, which is older and much nicer than the one in Livingstone is a personal favourite.

I did the #DavidLivingstoneChallenge posing like the icon.

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