Say yes to New Year GOALS! They come true

The new year is here and things are getting quite exciting for me, I learnt something about New Year resolutions…it is better to have goals and aspirations WRITTEN DOWN.

I am not a vision board fanatic, I am a list fanatic. Let me tell you my story.

January last year, my career walls were closing in on me and had conceptualised an idea called HAMBA to start in 2016. At the time I had a partner who was keen, up until we came back to Harare.

Me and my official photographer, my sister with the lens (Yes the one who had a Tanzanian/Zimbabwean lobola party)

My plan was to not work in my job forever and instead start a company, HAMBA an online travel magazine/concierge service.

I had gotten myself in trouble at work and was in fact banned from the weekly meeting, it is funny when I think of it today. So instead I used that time to write applications for funding for HAMBA. Needless to say I was on my own driven by trading my life rotting at a desk to feeling the spray of water on a speedboat instead.

In MAY when I got the funding for TONY ELUMELU FOUNDATION, I did not expect it at all. I jumped up and down and was so proud of my idea having been approved as top 1000 ideas out of over 45 000 applicants.

He sure does it! Jesus is Lord believe in your dreams and aspirations. HAMBA tshirt in Livingstone Zambia

A year later I realised how my list or what to do and what needed applying was very important. I missed some opportunities like YALI2016, this year I have applied for YALI2017 and Lawd knows what might happen. The idea is to plan and speak good in your life, and as January 2017 has arrived, my dreams of 2016 have come to reality.

A cocktail by the Elephant Hills.. #NyamiNyami is the name

Never stop believing, planning and listing your life plans for the year, take note of opportunities and see your life fall into place. Even those you fail, you can always reflect how to improve on the next attempt.

I took my leap of faith…be courageous!




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