10 lessons so far from fitness and starting a venture

2016 is the first year I decided to be an entrepreneur, securing funding changed my perspective on how real it all was. Still fully employed I have had to balance – the need to invest my income was a harsh reality.

It became a stressful situation, I started slipping and gaining weight from binge eating – binging soft drinks. Soul food they say. Then I saw a TV show on Lifetime, Fit to Fat to Fit; a trainer gains same weight as their client and loses it together, This experiment realised carrying excess weight affects mood and self esteem.

So I finally joined a gym that was affordable near my route home. Please note I was the epitome of anti-fitness movement, for reasons beyond reasonable logic. I am lazy.

So when the trainer today asked me, what my aim was and goals for gym I was forced to say it out loud. Declaring my goals OUT LOUD, which is what entrepreneurs must do when people ask for a quick pitch. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS, one has to know why!

Muhammad Ali quotations came to mind, I need to train now and live the rest of my life as a champion..entrepreneurship and gym are both applicable. My goal is having a flat stomach and be fit and thick! As an entrepreneur, I wondered how I can use this to build my willpower and resilience, outside my comfort zone. My goal is to build a reputable brand for millenials travelling. So here it goes!

Lessons from exercise for entrepreneurs

  1. GOALS AND OBJECTIVES, results of hardwork do not happen overnight, consistency and standing up when you fall yields results over time.
  2. DISCIPLINE, one learns discipline and routine when exercising. Knowing when to exercise, planning your activities, restraint from over indulgence in spending unnecessary funds. Diet control is also a part of discipline, low carbs, much like cutting costs that affect revenue and profit.
  3. HARDWORK, BLOOD, SWEAT AND GROWLS, you will test your limit and find out what you are capable of lifting and achieve in exercise as does entrepreneurial challenges. Doing the 3rd set of circuit as in business, is a test on your stamina and will power, MIND OVER MATTER being self motivated is a must. You will risk injuries in exercise,much like debt and losses… but PAIN IS TEMPORARY.
  4. TRAINER AND MENTOR, one needs guidance from a trainer with expertise and advise to do well. Like a mentor, a trainer trusts you to take the advice, following through is the decision of the individual.
  5. BRAGGING RIGHTS WHEN GOAL ACHIEVED, Ali said Bragging is not a problem if you can back it up! WORK! You can have media coverage and fitness photoshoots because you worked hard for the progress.
  6. EDUCATION, CONTINUOUS LEARNING, ATTENTION TO DETAIL, Learning the correct posture for results is much like the training entrepreneurs get from BOOST, KBA AFRICA and school programs. Exercising means learning various ways to work out to stay excited.
  7. RESOURCEFUL, when things do not work out well both modify and improve their routine and systems
  8. NOT EVERYONE THINKS YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT, opposition and what we call SHADE can come your way exercising or being an entrepreneur. Both situations are individual decisions and if one is committed the disbelief should not matter. Both will face skeptics and negative comments, but never quit.
  9. STRONGER THAN BEFORE, it is the challenges we face that build our strength. Your fitness in exercise improves and in business you become smarter after every challenge or IP theft.
  10. QUESTIONING AND SELF DOUBT TO QUIT, well yes being fit isnt a job requirement for my day job, so I do feel like quitting. But self doubt is your worst enemy and can derail your business and exercise habit.

It certainly my second week at a gym and I must say I am enjoying the challenges of working and entrepreneur at night.

I also am friends with baobab powder made in Zimbabwe for the ener

Any similarities between fitness and business well being, add in the comment section – ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED ON LINKEDIN 20-DEC-2016




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