Instagram takeover on @hambanow

It is almost the end of the year and close to beginning the festive season, called #KeDezemba BOSS!!!

Follow @hambanow on Instagram and on the Hamba Now Travel facebook page, the story of two phenomenal working women, who work in Johannesburg South Africa and travelling in the home country

Meet Julz.

25 year old Zimbabwean on a family holiday in Lake Kariba, on a houseboat and Bumi Hills. She is about kicking back her feet and drinking MoétChandon! Shy and humble, expect to see her point of view and aerial drone pictures!

Meet Babs.

A young vegan Zulu girl, works in digital media in Jozi and ready to go back to her small town South Coast of KwaZulu Natal, expect lots of scenic oceanic views of the Indian Ocean. A keen spirit and Christian girl with a bright smile.

Follow us and bookmark our posts, the hashtag to follow is #HambaNow

see you soon!




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