Of mental health, heartbreaks, meltdowns and breakdowns

Kanye West, Yeezy was admitted into a hospital for mental illness and a breakdown of sorts. It brings to me to the issue of mental illness in society, particularly mine – black Zimbabwean Shona-speaking woman.

Kanye West straight outta hospital talks to Trump in New York recently

First of all illness is treated as a form of shade, as a curse of sorts by most people talking.

This relates to the HIV disease for some, and mental health issues. Be it depression, anxiety or stress we look away and often ABANDON people when they need us the most.

It is quite a sad reality that often geniuses are seen as crazy, I am sure those who have done great things have not been regarded as normal human beings. Discrimination regarding illnesses makes people stop their medications to their own detriment.

I have come across people who have relatives with psychosis, in the village and in the urban areas. The reason why they always become a problem is the stigma towards medical mental illness.

Issues such as depression are treated in society as “THAT IS FOR WHITE PEOPLE YOU SEE IN TV”, when sadly enough. . .people are dying from stress related illnesses and conditions (including suicide or attempted suicide).

This is because those with mental health of any level, are abandoned by their friends. Whether intentionally or naturally by mistake – instead start conspiracies to those around you, except you, that you have lost your mind.

It is unfortunate, because we live in a stressful world, illnesses are flared up from the pressures of life. We need to take care of our mental health and those around us who we love if we feel a hunch of illness.

take care of yourselves

Playlist for those feeling like they need motivation:

Three Little Birds – Bob Marley Empowering Optimism

Ave Maria – Pavarotti  Gospel

Cheerleader – OMI Need to find a cheerleader

I believe I can fly – R. Kelly Fly like an eagle!





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