Few more days to #VictoriaFalls

I really love Victoria Falls, the town and the natural wonder. I look forward to re-calibrating in the small town. Here is what I look forward to the most…

I love the freedom of wearing short shorts, miniskirts and flirty dresses in Victoria Falls. Last year I attended the Jameson Vic Falls Carnival – I am glad that this year I got media accreditation!

Feeling on top of the world January 1 2016

Victoria Falls is going to be a place with other parties in the town, community parties including FALLIN’ 2016 organised by Davies Events for $5 is definitely a place to consider for the party time.


There is a party bus via Bulawayo by #Enthuse Magazine;

FASTJET flies to Victoria Falls from Harare 3 times a week

A flight from Harare to VicFalls AIR ZIMBABWE or FAST JET, from Johannesburg there is an Airlink by SAA.


I have really used this past year to reflect on my career path and found I really hate how I feel about it. Best believe I have had amazing opportunities, but dreams change and transform I move on.

Playing in the Devil’s Pool in Zambia on the edge of the FALLS… fantastic

At a women’s conference we were told how what makes you happy is what you should do.

So who is coming with me to Victoria Falls??? Get in touch!

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