Weekends are for learning

I have just completed a 3 day entrepreneurship program with KBA Africa, they screened our businesses, selected us and I met a wonderful group of hopeful Zimbabweans.

In an environment where people are pessimistic, the sea of hope and realistic strategies was a relief. Held at Arundel School I had to waiver my diet ambitions to limit my food but enjoy the hospitality.

I think my child should go to Arundel, perhaps if I start working there..anyway besides the point of this post.

So in life I learnt to make sacrifices in order to be a better person, these training programs really help people like me learn and meet new friends. Definitely the most organised training sessions I have come across to date.

Well done to Agnes Hove and Darren Goneke on the event

Agnes Hove doing the KBA training for us all


Challenges in Business

Managing Debt

Mentorship and Mentoring

Financial Management

Banking, loans, funding and demystifying SME formalisation

How to pitch a business

Entrepreneurship: Characteristics of an entrepreneur and how to cope


So glad the program was dominated by black female Zimbabwean entrepreneurs and trainers! Big Up to them, because we need to tell other women




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