Finding the guts to travelling alone…#HambaNdega

My colleague asked me, ” I want to go to Victoria Falls train party. but none of my friends seem to be I might end up not going”

This is the story many people go through as they try to plan trips with long time friends. Which end up not happening often we find ourselves with differing financial situations and logistical issues become a deterrent.

My first solo travel was on Emirates plane

HOWEVER there is hope, in travelling alone noone can disappoint you. Make new friends in the destination and use your networking for your benefit.

I have had to ask many people on leads to information regarding travelling to VicFalls, in that you will find many debates and advice. Admittedly there are some ways the advice may be absolutely useless or fruitless. Despite that you will always start with bad decisions you learn from.

Make new friends who have the same need for travel as you do

For example using a site that was a terrible experience for me, they did not return my booking til later. It was a financial strain, those days they were easy to google and they asked me to delete my comment (shady).

Sunset at Livingstone in Zambia

I used another site instead and found a good deal, it was fair considering how late I was with booking. (I had overspent in China and needed to feel the fest air). I could have paid way less.

My besties are always the bestest people

This is what leads me to think of starting a concierge service, HAMBA now… and a solo travellers edition first since this is my dilemma (Hamba NDEGA – for the lone traveller…who makes friends at destination)


Plan as individual and meet your friends there!





3 thoughts on “Finding the guts to travelling alone…#HambaNdega

  1. Such a beautiful smile. I traveled solo on my very first trip to South Africa and it was the best experience ever! I like the HambaNDEGA idea, you should really see it to fruition.


    1. Thanks so much, I had a nervous breakdown, but I decided to learn from my solo travel and when I went to Zanzibar, I met so many other solo travellers and it was fun, I intend on visiting thei countries soon enough


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