Bushman Rock: When the group trip fails, travelling solo as the only option

Travelling solo for many people is a bit taboo. It just seems a bit odd and there is security in having someone with you in case of forgetting your hat on a train or dropping pennies and passport.

So it is no surprise that this year I planned a group trip for my birthday for Bushman Rock. People are more involved in enquiries but never in actively saving for the trip.

OK, wow it is nice you want to travel the world and dream about the Eiffel Tower…but aspiration talks bore me. I end up hearing complaints and complaints about why it is hard, and the reality is that is where most people end. No feedback, nothing!


This is not a fictional story, this is my experience for an overnight trip at the Bushman Rock holiday resort.

Managed to kidnap my homes, Beard Man

Here is what happened:

A month before I talked about a group trip. Announced it on Facebook. Then someone suggests a WhatsApp group, I am against it, because it leads to virtual dormancy.

People bailed and my original accomplice also bailed. Some were never heard of.

Now I had to postpone to the rainy season which made it awkward. I had paid for two people as well

I also had a car issue, with the dust road weaking the loose part, causing a heated car…simply put that road was a hazard and I did not want it to rain on me… urgh!!!

What I did

I decided to just go anyway and asked my homes to escort me. It was okay for me because my car started overheating, I had to drive in the dustroad for the first time.

The wine nice…although I reacted due to the high stress levels

This was me returning the favour of him helping with organising accomodation in Mutare weeks back in Mount View for us.

Wearing my HambaNow Tshirt

Why travelling solo is the only option

See when you are unmarried, single without a bae, and your friends are too busy with their lives you have to travel despite how uncomfortable it is. It is surely my adventure and there is so much to learn as I “Hamba Ndega”

BUSHMAN ROCK experience

Besides the car drama, I found the place nice and quiet. I wasnt a fan of the road and grading of it.

Why wasnt there a mechanic for cars, which I think should be part of hotels which are far out, to check your vehicle and assist for safe departures. This would help lone travellers.

The food was great and rooms are nice and sharing meant I had enough privacy, however the bath was too smooth and had no grip so heavy me had a struggle. The outdoor shower feel was also really cool.

The bugs in the rooms made me a bit scared, not a chongololo fan.

The food was nice and a simple set menu and I had to buy the wine, it was nicer when left to breath and as my morning drink! yum!

Had to get back to Harare as the sun was still shining…no activities


The food at Bushman Rock is a set menu, AND MAKE SURE YOU BOOK. We met a BMW do a U-Turn at the gate, while my 323 was booked had to go through.

Caleb our concierge was very awesome and the chef was also very friendly and treated every guest like royalty!

A lovely place to go with your friends and breathe some fresh air and eat amazing food!

Brownies… I think the brownies are part of a basic menu… very set menu included in the fee

I saw brownies in someones post, so I figure if you have allergies to tell them before hand

The braai meat for supper was so legit yummy…

So my next adventure is at VicFalls so hope to have the time of my life again…at least I wont have to go by road…no car drama



(NOTE: This trip was not sponsored by Bushman Rock or anyone other than my personal funds…so its so for real)



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