Fly away with me on Emirates

I am a fan of the aeroplane. It is like my problems are left when I leave the place and I will land into a new place, feel new energies and be happy.

Dubai is one of the hot spots of the world, a haven somewhere in the middle of a desert area I am yet to visit. Many Zimbabweans have migrated there for money and job opportunities, while I wont be migrating from my favourite place to be I will travel on Emirates again.

One of the most coolest thing is their loyalty program, Skywards

Emirates Skywards, the award-winning frequent flyer programme of Emirates airline, marks its 16th year milestone with over 16 million members and the successful launch of new initiatives to enhance reward options for members.

It just looks Amazing, a short trip to Lusaka would be nice

When I travelled economy on Emirates I was impressed by the quality of service delivery for the whole journey.

The best part is they have an office in Zimbabwe in Avondale making them super accessible to plan your international trip.

While my diaspora hunger is not affordable for me right now, Lusaka is on the route to Dubai from Harare. Perhaps a trip to the best beef steak is due to Zambia, I have been in Livingstone and loved the food.

Lusaka Zambia

Emirates Skywards members also enjoy access to a global network of 39 Emirates lounges in major airports including six lounges at Dubai International Airport. Members are also given excess baggage allowance of up to 20kg. Please visit for more information or to sign up as a member.

I think at this rate will make a surprise visit to my “old friends”.




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