Re-calibrating at Amara’s Health Spa – a much needed detox

There comes a point in all the chaos where you need a break from it all. From January, I have been finding the tension at my work place uncomfortable to say the least.

This is when a girl needs to refresh recalibrate at Amara’s Health Spa.

I am opening a new business and work is as usual, turbulent. Luckily I won my Saturdays back and have found time for a massage to let go of all the negativity at work. Besides why expect to be pampered at work when I can afford to pamper myself (not a staff benefit. . .jabs to the dependants)

Work is really tough and it feels from day 1 they have been trying to get me fired. The moral of the story is when your enemies hate you for no reason…FLAUNT YOURSELF.

So this is me to all those causing trouble out of nothing, I am still living like a baller and am not stopping…I will massage the negativity out!

I saw Amaras Health Spa on Trip Advisor, after hearing so much about it from magazine adverts, billboards and my manicurist once said how they are visible and known.

After never finding her free when she says she is free, I ditched my manicurist salon and spa and chose the Amaras Health Spa.

The Ambiance

I walked through the garden to reception in awe of the beauty of the design of the garden and the insides of the building and the building african luxury feel. Absolutely amazing. As the Zimbabwean sun glittered on the pond with steps I was wowed!

The professionalism and service

These people are well mannered and trained to behave with grace and class. My massage was absolutely great . .awkward for me being the first time I had one. But I was very pleased. I rested and felt at peace.

The manicurist did a good job, although Johannesburg SOHO New York walk in, nail bar has given me the best pedicure and manicure in Sandton City.

Amara’s Health Spa is the best in Harare so far, they won a luxury spa award in 2016 and highly recommended online and offline.

I highly recommend their massage best believe.

The lessons

Better spend money on experiences than things,

Life too short to wait till you are a billionaire to be pampered,

If bae wont take you, or no bae… do it for stress relief and get some time off





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