3 Vital lessons when it comes to #Travel planning

I love to travel, no doubt about it. However it can be pretty stressful to try to plan it all, especially last minute is the worst plan.

Honestly, I have not travelled as often as I would want to. Despite that I have taken a lot of flights from Harare to Johannesburg as a lesson on travel.

Later on this year I am visiting LAGOS Nigeria, yes LAGOS baby. And I plan to go to VicFalls AGAIN…and some BULAWAYO the Matabeleland Province capital. So I plan a lot here is some travel tips.When I went to China last year I noticed I take some things for granted and that travel tips are plenty from colleagues around us. It is best one always seeks ye first the travel wisdom.

On a side note, an international VISA card that can buy online is great. Ecocash card and StanChart gold card are good for money access.

Summer Palace Beijing

Get the right luggage set

Invest in a good luggage set, make sure it has wheels and you are able to carry it. Otherwise travelling will become a practical bootcamp workout. Not sexy…not that it ever is for me.

Research your flight

Always know what services passengers get when booking a flight. Online Check-In saves you time. You can check in online and jump the long queue, and you would have booked your seat for no overbooking drama.

Luggage restrictions and number of pieces needed is also key when packing. Avoid paying excess luggage or be that creep who asks someone to check in for them (NEVER accept to check in someones luggage. Drugs or smuggled plants could be in there…watch BANGED UP ABROAD.)

I do enjoy the convenience for Emirates Flight when it comes to comfort and online check in.

Hand baggage needs to have emergency stuff

You cannot carry liquids to a certain limit in your hand luggage. Also find a travel bag and containers to put your lotions and toothpastes, in case your luggage is lost or you delay departure and have to stay overnight.

You will need a pair of clothes and undies for change in your hand luggage. Trust me you will need your vanity items and feel fresh.

Do you have any other lessons I missed out on, do comment and tell me what other???

If you are thinking of your next trip follow Emirates and follow my travel book and startup Hamba on www.hambanow.com.



Mapp Africa (47)
Falling for the Victoria Falls



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