Unlocking my potential thanks to Barclays @BOOSTFellowship

This post is a little different…

For a fashion blogger this post is different,  I work in online media administration and tweet for the most popular Business Newspaper brand. That is when I looked at myself and the business executives that I too wanted to be wealthy and set.

It was time to WORK WORK WORK!

I saw my dream car model being driven by a CEO who was also MC. A female MD be introduced as Mr. and she forgave the speaker for not thinking a woman can be MD, This was in 2015!

So 2016 came in and I was feeling refreshed from Holiday and cooked up an idea while there as to what I would do for 2016 differently. 2 Jan 2016… I decided to learn business management.


I applied for many opportunities, and got into TEEP! Before I applied my 2016 resolution was to register a company and I am so glad to go through that.

To further my local know how I signed up for BOOST Barclay’s event which had me thinking despite all political uprisings and controversies, artists in all forms of music as well as business people are here to provide a much-needed relief to situation.

Zimbabwe is not perfect, so if Barclay’s and TEEP are investing into us then we have something!

ABOUT BOOST LAUNCH, my full report!

BOOST Barclays Incubation Project launches for young SME owners

BOOST an acronym for “Building Opportunities on Student Talent” Fellowship sponsored by Barclay’s was launched on Wednesday 11 May, morning at the Meikles Hotel in Harare.

The event saw many young Zimbabwean SME owners between the ages of 20 to 35 years receive incubation services. The 12 month program is based on global standard incubation program which has been successful in over 20 countries.

BOOST Barclay’s Incubation provides young entrepreneurs the opportunity to accelerate and systematize their businesses with comprehensive support. Incubation hubs will be setup all over Zimbabwe in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Masvingo for entrepreneurs.

The end of the program will see 100 entrepreneurs selected as the top 100 to pitch at a final prize giving event which will be announced on a later date. The program continued with presentations by the various stakeholders and sponsors. A breakdown of the program curriculum was presented by Mr Tendai Sixpence from BOOST. Risk Management and Sources of funding was given by Mr Fred Nkiwane from Barclay’s. After which Executive Director of BOOST, Mrs Busi Marandure gave a background of BOOST.

The sponsor Barclays CEO, Mr G Guvamatanga gave a very honest speech to entrepreneurs to innovate instead of copying, having mentioned the trends included potato sacks, mushroom growing and now the quail bird trend. Guvamatanga encouraged young SME owners to focus on producing goods we are importing, which will mean we will import less than we export.

The lectures continued with a young Zimbabwean entrepreneur who shared his journey to operating a successful advertising energy as he narrated his personal experience operating his business. The launch was concluded by a handover ceremony of the funding from Barclay’s to BOOST and closing remarks from BOOST CEO Mr Mkanganwi….lots of dollars!!!

follow my insagram from 11may for pics!

Never stop believing in yourself and Zimbabwe… go to a festival TRAVEL unwind and have some time to reflect on solutions and resolutions




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