Natural haircare – moisture boosting that afro

My afro was shrunken, frizzy and unmanageable yesterday.

Using Aunt Jackie’s Curl Custard and other homemade ingredients, I found a solution!

I had to attach a hairpiece to cover the crazy hair, and these hair pieces are very painful on my scalp. I get in the car in traffic and behold the crazy hair becomes me.

I was feeling to lazy to stretch in threading, as my hair is thin on one side,

SO…After talking to Sam on her blog – Miss Samanthah – haircare, lifestyle she said

I would advise you don’t comb your hair whilst its dry, you will suffer a lot of breakage that way. Try combing only when your hair id damp or spritz it before combing out.

So here is my step by step guide…

Please note, I do not do any fancy stuff like curlformers and rods… i am way too lazy to learn that with my hair.. my hair is poofy it will not stay put…much like my mind!

STEP 1 Have knotted dry feeling hair…night before

So my hair needed moisture during the night, because washing in the morning, I do not have time for that. So I freed my hair and dedicated my evening shower to my hair mainly.


Now washing at night does seem a bit odd…but the hair was bad

STEP 2 Conditioner wash hair, comb with water and conditioner to remove tangles

Using a wide toothed comb as Sam said, the knots were gone so quick. I pick dry knots as a habit so this makes it stop…

While it was wet, and rinsed. I divided my hair into 4 sections and used an in-plait to curl it and keep the hair away from drying and knotting again.

It was easy given that the hair is soft while wet and conditioned, and easy to manipulate. If you can flattwist go ahead, but my hair holds no set well.

the fuzzy looking in-plaits

STEP 3 Use product on top of the plaits

So I then decided to put Aunt Jackie’s Curl Custard, Curl la la…

The custard never worked on my dry hair before,  so I figured this will do… still my hair that was cut by a bad undo, curled nicely.

I smothered the hair with generous amount of custard, it says put generous amount..which is difficult to assess what levels of generosity is needed.

curl lala
Aunt Jackies is coming soon to ZIMBABWE yeeey

I smothered the plaits in a shea butter mix with peppermint oil, as well as tablespoon coconut oil for the extra sealant of curl la la!

Before bed I blowdried the plaits so that my hair isnt dripping on my pillow.

STEP 4 Woke up, showered and slightly dampened the plaits and undo

It revealed a nice soft fluffly from with a slight curl from the plaiting.

I styled with a stretchy comb on the side, an afro would have been cute too but last did that with ecostyler gel – which hardens curls

The clip and upward inplait for the neck hair
the fro hawk style

LOOK at how my curls be soft and styling

STEP 5 Rock it

Put my makeup and lipstick and check me check me out now…


afro earrings by deekawzee
Maybelling dream matte good all the time

till another post





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