My beautiful skin and hair secrets…not anymore

My skincare game has been slacking lately…sleeping with makeup on as one of my terrible habits…

Who knew? Finding an affordable face beauty range is difficult when the money is limited and the face breaks out from unknown allergens. 

A sister has to keep the budget but not look broke you know…so this is how I do it!

Hair, Skin and Nails supplement

See it helps that I want to grow stronger nails, but having nice hair and skin is an added bonus!

afro (15)
VITAL supplements available at Arundel Village – sets you back a whole 12 bucks!! But need the growth eish

So after food every morning this week I have been drinking the supplements for hair, skin and nails. It worked before. Together with cuticle oil and a Sally Hansen nail growth serum,… no more weak nails.

Castor Oil and Aloe Vera Gel face treatment

So at night and during the day, i dab on the sticky oil of castor oil and soften it using aloe vera…leaves my skin feeling soft after it is absorbed.

I also use these for my hair occasionally so by chance i had it on my dressing table.

Some regimens mean overnight and washing off…but while my skin is wet… a little castor on my finger tip spread and massaged…so far it has been okay using it..

afro (3)
Look at my skin… 

Drinking Water

duh… it works… I try to drink water over soft drink

EPIMAX for the lotion substitute

So after seeing Alex Mebe of Persuasion Inc ZW use epimax…i figured my allergic skin to a lot of unknowns. Epimax smells like medicine but it is super easy to use and niiiice on my skin

There you have it, beautiful skin secrets… revealed






6 thoughts on “My beautiful skin and hair secrets…not anymore

    1. Yes Aloe Vera gel is amazing… i found the brand i was using wasnt as nice as a brand that was local and no longer in production… hmmm maybe not enough glycerine. With castor oil its amazing… besides recent rashes,… thanks for the compliments will follow you blog


    1. Hello… remember our skin changes per season, using SPF, Water and understanding your allergies helps and I change remedies per season and weather…summer comes with sweat so eeeeek… dont be depressed about your skin.. even a massage with finger tips helps improve circulation and visit your pharmacist for best advice


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