Tell them ‘B**h Please…You ain’ gon do ish!’

Ziva kwawakabva, kwaunoenda husiku

The Shona proverb speaks a lot to me.

Never forget your roots, home, because the journey ahead requires you to draw strength from that. It can also mean to look and see how far you have come in your journey

This is why knowing my language was important to me despite the language hate of vernacular from my generation. These have taught me life, never forget home or the miles you have covered and hurdles you have crossed.

And Then…. Makeup: Maybelline Dream Matte and GREAT LASHES mascara BobbiBrown: Blush in SPICE Eyes: Black Opal duo COLOUR browns and tawny tease, minus the highlighting shadows TECHNIC eyeliner Lips; Mojito Gloss and Nutmeg by VAULT Hair by NGOSIKADZI Hair….yeah I did that…african threading at night and leave in mix

See I have been frustrated lately.

2016 started really good, till I felt I was harassed at work…that “WE OWN YOU” mentality making me cut my leave days out.

I started the yeah already OVER it…

To my pleasant expectation no glitch and yes my pay-cheque arrived that month regardless.

Sometimes people are unfair to you, but does not mean life is unfair to you as a whole. It is the people who try to make it seem as though very often.

print dress (2)
I have been way too much drama to be AFFECTED

But these hurdles bring an awakening, I woke up and realised there is more to life than your career or in particular your work post.

While the superiors seem like semi-gods while in the confines of company working areas. Outside they are humans…mere mortals with issues and drama to deal with.

You might feel better about your your situation seeing them fight off heart disease despite their chicken slice eating, lung cancer, liver cirrhosis because of lifestyle and think,

Well dang! I am still good being a peasant in the company organogram.

That was me when I saw a work semi-god at the gym..hahaaaaa you also fighting for that health to live outside the office.

(Yes look at their lives deeply and realise how blessed you are than those who want to belittle you…refuse to lose your self esteem)

Call it arrogant, kick-ass attitude, confidence but when I look back at what I faced in the past.

Depression, Heartbreak, Headmaster gating me in form 3 and My first month of work my co-workers had me INVESTIGATED, and this 2016 Hate on the girl who still so damn likeable even after all she been thru!

I just look at these people who try to make my whole life seem unfair, but fail because they not life…like “WHAT YOU GON DO?”


So if you experiencing some unfairness caused by people… say Bitch Plz…

I’m out!




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