Getting “Mabhanzi” – African Threading

Natural Hair journey has been a nostalgic feeling, as I recall techniques my mom used to plait me as a child and the one plait I know…

The craze has created technique and product junkies as the diaspora and black minorities have learnt how to plait their own hair…

It is expensive.

Now I wasnt feeling crafty enough to make my own box braids, I had trimmed my ends and my hair is now healthy… at least recovering from the torture from salon experiences.

I am saving for that BUMI HILLS holiday so here is what I did to my hair… my natural hair care regimen – My last regimen was an easy wash and go

My wash and go…required daily conditioner


Now my dry hair requires taking care of it dry and preventing tangling. It all starts with the washing.

I have fine 4C hair

  1. WASH weekly… with deep conditioner

All hair needs DC and moisture. So the weekly is because I do not do any henna, tea rinses, protein treatments to strengthen hair… so I frequent the use of DC.

Wash in sections and clips when washing and drying… makes life easier and reduces wash tangling..

2. Airdry…using African threading¬†

Use shea butter mix… i mix mine with peppermint and coconut. Cover each section and plait while wet after holding the hair stretched and use WOOL.

I unravelled later at night to create more sections to ensure better drying.

3. When dry…spray oil water conditioner mix on the scalp and hair and finger comb

I used my mixture as leave in conditioner and to oil the hair, and on the scalp used my shea butter and wrapped in satin headwrap and slept.

Oh and i used aloe vera gel.. use your favourite regime, castor oil  if you can while in this hairstyle

In my mabhanzi before I sleep

This stops matte hair and tangles from sleeping…unlike a twist… will keep my hair straight and stretched..

4. Unravel in the morning… and fingercomb to desired style…

I use no gels because they cause build up and limit the everyday mabhanzi. I would wear mabhanzi on an off day or church…for work…i rather show off my fro

print dress (31)
Pretending to be mean mugging
print dress (7)
OK SMILE… afro perfection

So see yall later people!





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