Places I would love to go…: Bumi Hills

I aspire to travel several places locally, even if it will not be my first time for some locations, a travel experience is always different when you travel with a different crowd.

However I found that splurging on some fancy dresses too often lead me to be too broke to go to places I can wear the expensive dresses, so I have to remember the GOAL holiday season!

Imagine exquisite fashion with a scenic background view…yes!

So this edition I want to speak of a place I last visited as a young girl with my family, KARIBA. I visited it and stayed at Carribea Bay hotel…which was super lovely beautiful setup.

I read OUT OF AFRICA  a Zimbabwean magazine and it had it listed on the romantic getaways.

I bumped into BUMI HILLS in Kariba.

Bumi Hills Safari Lodge

The thought that this Safari Lodge is alongside a place that I do not need a passport or immigration… wow…perfect place to take bae for hire.


Come on people…why leave tourists from the world to see the beauty in our backyard…


Thanks to OUT OF AFRICA I get to read hyper local travel destinations,




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