This Me Time tag thing…here it goes

There is this me time tag on blogs going around, so I just got tagged by Alex of Persuasion Inc. ZW blog

Do I get Me Time? Well yes…even at work I feel it is me time because currently I have no family to fend for or do anything much for…even when I help at benefits ME. But yes there are some extra times I dedicate to unwinding. Although unwinding time returns to a sort of work for me.

I am a new media journalist drowning in the sewers of the rat race in Zimbabwe. Relationship wise, I get lonely sometimes but I cannot figure out relationships to save my predicament. I need love but when I get it I get scared..

Currently working on how to get more leave days, to travel and making my job flow perfect and working on producing a TV show, start a company and figure out what happens after starting a company – i.e what business venture to do company with.

I understand Me Time is important so hells yeah I make that time

Here we go…FYI I find the questions quite stereotypical

What do you watch/read during me time?

I watch Shondaland shows, Kerry Washington and Viola Davis for that dose of black woman in power. I also watch Being Mary Jane and anything with a strong black character. I watch Suits as well for that dark skinned Harvey Specter.

My dose of ratchet pointless TV is Real Housewives of ATL or some silly BET shows…I do not read.. I have many novels I bought when I wanted to teach myself to as a result of unemployment and inspire my writing…but now that u mention it. I will try by all means! I also unsubscribed to iPad New African Woman and BONA

Wow I am so biased in my media consumption.

What do you wear during me time?

I wear appropriate clothes, I like to see my legs so if my parents are outta town I wear booty shorts at home…then if i go out a mini dress if its for a pedicure…which is totally my favourite

What are your me time beauty products?

Only Me Time involving beauty products is a pedicure and I have no idea what is used on me…

Otherwise its for my hair, which is my natural oil butters for hair growth. Or a good Oil treatment, i use organics and coconut oil to prepoo… yes my natural hair is my absolute fav pampertime

Current favourite nail polish?

NONE. I like to  do whatever my manicurist suggests, I like blues sometimes I am a pastel fan.. basically cannot care less I just have to want it when i get my manicure…its almost usually a gel or bright colour normal nail polish.

What do you eat/drink during me time?

Depends on whats in the fridge and whats on the menu and my budget. When I am out by myself i have a latte… at home… anything goes really…sometimes my me time is taking a nap so not applicable.

I usually get something with chicken, fillet steak or broke at home, boiled egg green tea and natural yoghurt.

Current favourite candle?

TABARD mosquito repellant… it kills the bugs in the fireplace….hectic mosquitoes ruin my me time.

Do you ever have outdoor me time?

When I travel or sit at a restaurant with a garden… does that count

Would you ever see a movie alone?

NO. The effort…why not just watch something else…i go to a movie for the popcorn and slush puppies

Favourite Online Shop?

Melissa Shoes SA, 36boutiques, Zando and now I found… but in Zimbabwe I havent shopped online yet. I have issues regarding such here.

Anything to add? What else do you do during me time?

Netflix and Chill with bae. (Bae can just be the one of many people I share my heart to heart with or distract myself from my stresses and pressures..I can even hire one).

What I really just want to do with my leave days and me time is to travel and travel and keep travelling and running away from the rat-race every now and so often.


So who do I choose for Me Time

Sam Borerwe, Karen Mukwedeya, Iyanda, Bakari



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