#BraidsGang How I force myself to save money

PLAITING COSTS SO MUCH MONEY…the typical working woman gets her hair plaited every month with extensions or chemical treatments.

This cost money, keeping up appearances…when I joined that stream of hair obsessies my hairline and hair length suffers. So saving money is already part of the 2016 drill.

I was always a fan for plaiting myself braids with my hair…but until I hit for carnival I had never plaited my own braids with extensions. The first time I rocked it like a bawse because I had to…it was hideous when people looked closer

This is my afro, during a wash and go with conditioner
Vicfalls braids…worked for tourists, first time I did my hair to afford holiday and survive January disease. The workmanship was sloppy but had to be done.

I know myself, I look good in box braids, chunky dreads would have worked but hey…

I had a weave in my hair, and I know it was a bad idea to let those hair assistants wash and undo my hair with the cheap dishwasher pretending to be shampoo…my hair was cut at the temple…is that the top part.

My coworker saw this hair, he was like…no this isnt how you roll, go get some health in that hair…I agreed the unhealthy hair look was not cool.

So I walked into a store and got cheap braids, 5 dollars for 5 packets and I chose the maroon hair to distract the randomness of my hair. I needed to save money and avoid a catastrophe that hair dressers do.

Usually box braids in a salon are many and not like a juvenile hairstyle…but because I am ME I made my boxes thick.

As I trimmed hair damaged ends and plaited the braids…

Mid plaiting, I start with the back

After 3 hours or 4, I was done enough to go sleep…they still needed perfecting the ends

The outcome…money saved


Happy Day!

Watch me whip…watch me nae nae

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