#NAMA2016 Awards are upon us!

Praise the Lawt!

Yes the National Arts Merit Awards are out and nominees include Mr Tswatswa Mutasa (Brand Photographer for Ngosikadzi) and Zambezi News (my favourite Zim satirical comedy).

That is amazing news, given how I had heard of Mr Tswa’s short film project via the grapevine.


Zimbabwe’s hit satire show, Zambezi News, has been nominated for the Freedom of Expression Awards in the UK. The Freedom of Expression Awards are organised annually by the UK-based Index on Censorship and are seen as a leading free expression award in the country. Zambezi News, created by top Zimbabwean creatives Samm Farai Monro aka Comrade Fatso and Tongai Makawa aka Outspoken, has been named as one of the finalists in the Index 100 long list.

“Index on Censorship supports the excellent work of Zambezi News, which we believe is crucial in the ongoing fight to improve conditions for free expression globally,” said Index On Censorship in a press release. “We sincerely hope Zambezi News will continue its fantastic efforts to combat threats to free speech.” The awards are scheduled for 13th April 2016 in London.

“We are honoured to get nominated for such a global award,” says Zambezi News creator Comrade Fatso. “It shows how our show and our message is reaching a global audience.” It has been a great year for Zambezi News as the show became a global satire sensation in early 2015 getting coverage from CNN, BBC, The Guardian and Channel 4. The news team was then invited on a comedy tour of Europe and Mauritius in August 2015. This was followed by Zambezi News getting signed by the new Zambezi Magic TV channel. Zambezi News is a production of Magamba Network, a leading Zimbabwean creative organisation.


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