Livingstone, the other side of the Zambezi

Livingstone was the first feel of Zambian soil, and it was a delicious experience.

I decided to stay for one night, waiting for my flight on Sunday from Victoria Falls town at the Zambezi Waterfront Hotel/Victoria Falls Waterfront Hotel.

It was one of the hottest days I had ever experienced, and I decided to camp in a permanent tent with shared ablutions. The price was camping price, $25 per person and the tourism fee for SADC is 5 dollars per person in Zambia.

So besides spraining my ankle – thank goodness there was someone to witness this annoying thing… I had a great time CAMPING.

You see, me and my people do not like the idea of having to go on holiday somewhere and sleep in an environment far from luxury.

However, our non-black counterparts have no problem with backpacking and  sleeping in a fabric shelter. This is because there is more money for the activities, extreme sports cost a lot to participate in.

So with my partner in crime, I embarked on a journey of a lifetime. It was extremely hot so the first thing I did was dip in the pool… nice and coooooooling.

Lessons from 24 hours in Livingstone:


Fillet and golden chips were so delicious

The food in Zambia is by far the best I have ever tasted so far, from the way they cooked the food and the flavour in the steak and cheesey pizza. Excellent and I love Zambia because of that.

CAMPING is not so bad

Hakuna Matata – after cooling off in the pool….i can put my feet up in the tent

So I was a bit scared to sleep camping. But the sleep was good and it was fenced from the crocodiles by the lake so I had a good time in the town by the river.


Andrew chilling by the bar area

The bar area had a wonderful pizza section, wood fired pizzas as well as a great a la carte…only problem is the BEWARE OF CROCODILES sign and the wind causing a hazard with fruits from Palm trees possibly falling.

With a pool, which says no diving…it is a public place and the pools are shallow.

Local beer MOSI named after the Victoria Falls – Mosi Oa Tunya – a sweet tasting beer.


After the long way from the border

The sunset in this part of the world is amazing and many locals came around night time to the bar and restaurant to hang out. So perhaps for a sophisticated holiday, this place is a no! But if you like to enjoy nature and delicious food, perfect spot!

I booked using with the help of Trip Advisor.



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