The beauty of Asia, my travel to China

This post is long overdue, but it is important I jot this down. I have taken a break from my column, to really express what Concrete Jungle Fashion readers want, some “Keeping it real and 100…blogging”

September last year I was sent by my job to represent Sunday Mail as part of a program in China training journalists.

I was stoked, given that back in those days, I wasn’t public enemy no. 1 at work…now I kinda am, but this is my life, was never meant to be popular. It was at the point I had gotten tired of the monotony of work and knowing how to do my job…yes I enjoy a mental challenge and when I find an equilibrium I become very bored.

So TRAVEL saved me, made me realise why people travel. They hate their monotonous repetitive  jobs so they need a break from all that.

It was very cool that exactly three years ago I had gone on my first holiday in Malaysia, I have been lucky and unlucky in having failed crushes and toxic relationships with guys who like to travel.

So China reminded me of the first trip.

So now because I had experience of going to Malaysia, I knew how to pack, bought myself my luggage set and with a VISA card in tow I boarded an uncomfortable flight.

Lessons from my trip to CHINA

I learnt the beauty of tea and teas and tea drinking culture and benefits of drinking sugarless flavourful green tea.

Tea making ceremony and tea shop in Beijing

I could work in TV as a TV presenter, in WuHan city we visited a very highly developed TV studio for Hubei District news and TV station. This is a provincial media company.

I learnt I could work in TV with the right lighting

A backpack is great for exploring the walking tours and always carry water! Water is great to drink when you cannot read the drink labels, besides the coke sprites etc will have diff recipes in diff countries… and outside Africa they suck!

In WuHan city with my backpack
group summer place
Summer Palace…the way I was so excited was so real!
Great Wall of China
See the extra junk in my trunk…on my 26th birthday with ZBC’s Ruwende

Also owning a camera is important when it comes to capturing these moments, I use a Canon EOS M – disadvantage is that it has separate flash…which i have not learned how to use.

This Jamaican was happy to see black people…weird but one of those tourists things
A hippie Asian guy

And of course the shopping was amazing, whether high end or lower end the sales are REAL sales as production happens there,There are wholesale places and more designer replica areas.

Tourist shopping, SILK MARKET

And OH YEAH I went HAM on the shopping scene!

ALWAYS Remember to research travel tips!!

So here are some few lessons so far:

  • Lock your check in luggage, and be wary of baggage size and weight limits.
  • Bring travel toiletries in your hand baggage and changing clothes, a delay in Addis Ababa happened so we had to sleep in Ethiopia for one night.
  • If you are on a conference trip and the hotel food starts making your jeans tighter, limit calories and more protein than fat and starch.




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