Travelling while fashionable – Victoria Falls (Part IV)

I have always struggled with finding what to pack, what to wear, when I am on holiday. it can be quite daunting to get over 1000 km from home to find that the dress you planned to wear…does not fit.

That was me back in September in WuHan City in China! I found myself having to innovate to make the wardrobe work for me.

I have not travelled a lot and this time when i visited VicFalls for the carnival I was more prepared for this holiday spread of gaining weight, so I kept is airy and stretching clothing.

In terms of Zimbabwean designers I wore: Yanai Tshirt and a Tanya Nerfetari playsuit. The best part of VicFalls fashion is that mini skirts and little shorts, are socially acceptable

…yes to the jiggle in my thighs!!!

Cruising on the Zambezi
Wearing an African Print glammed up tshirt at tshakas den
David Livingstone statue

So here are the guidelines, packing light and all

  • Have one set of necklace and wear studs to make it easier for you.
  • Bring flip flops, sneakers and soft foot tennis shoes…if applicable formal flat shoes
  • Bring clothes you know always fit, slightly bigger size jeans and dresses in case the holiday food gets toooo delicious, you know EAT PRAY AND LOVE type thing.
  • Lots of tshirts, vests, body tops are good as you might not repeat them as often.
  • A pair of jeans you can rewear and loose easy clothing you can wear again
  • Also check in liquids and aerosols…and carry spare outfit and travel pack size cosmetics (according to regulation) in your hand luggage!
  • carry stuff you love wearing





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