For the love of the party! – #JVFC2015 (Part III)

“We like to party!” – Beyonce

When people in my culture talk about partying, they must automatically think. All parties are bad and might imagine their child dancing like an exotic dancer…

So when I found a lot more parents of other cultures sending their kids off to Jameson Victoria Falls carnival, I was not surprised.

But partying is a way of releasing stress and at a Victoria Falls party… we are all one and united in the boogie!

Blame it on the boogie!

United in the love for the boogie

I genuinely felt only good vibes, even from the conversations, backstage, in the loo, in the field from the people at the Victoria Falls Carnival!


The lead act by Mango Groove band!

This was the best performance I have seen! I loved the backup dancers, felt like I was back in the days dancing to the South African tunes!

Mango Groove

DJ DILOXCLUSIV was the best DJ session

Without a laptop to help him mix and for some…cheat on mixes, he played four tracks mixing sounds audio snippets of multiple genres.

DJ Diloxclusiv set was on fire

Best part is he performed himself by also dancing on the stage, even leaving the decks to show us his moves and Cape Town dances! WOW it was an explosive and very short hour playing his set.

Me being one of those cheesey people who pose with DJs

Let’s face it, the party scene should be about positive vibes, no time for flossing here!! Yes I am talking about these bougie upmarket bars where people are wearing shoes they cannot even dance in!

More power to the boogie!

CHEERS TO THE FRIGGIN NEW YEAR! …Ohh let the Jameson Sink In!





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