Stay focused on your dream, and define it for yourself

This has been a busy week..okay more like interesting. I featured in STYLE CORNER Column this week on Men’s Fashion

It was the range of fascinating events and people I met at various events over the weekend. Highlights were meeting Tongayi Chirisa, Joe Njagu and Doc VIKELA ..interview pics coming soon

also meeting Gilmore Tee the ‘Kanye West’ of Bulawayo. Realising he wasn’t a Kanye west at all

it’s the hustle they have despite having critics that make this week amazing for me. Looking for approval from online circles or cliques won’t get you far.

Gilmore for example isn’t popular online, but continues to hustle hard and get jobs etc.

Tongayi Chirisa was on Studio 263 and film productions, now he is in Hollywood living and WORKING there. Despite making fun of people in the arts he hustled hard and kept going.

I for example, some people who are in the small circles don’t like my honesty, they think it’s rude or whatever…2012 I started this blog and it was pathetic in terms of how I branded and promoted it, I had great content but no resources or platforms. After discussing with Gilmore Tee what people said about me. I quite frankly realized that their dislike wasn’t going to stop me from having some space in the Sunday Mail, biggest weekly in Zimbabwe.

Because in life it’s better to live to please those that pay your bills or supply you dinner. General acceptance won’t make you rich by being cool…making your dream work will …. Get your dreams to come closer.

And in the words of Tongayi Chirisa… BE OPEN


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