#TheHorror of Shopping as a PLUS SIZE woman

Once upon a time I was a petite girl, but alas I realised I was skinny because I did not have the joy joy down in my heart, now the pounds are adding on,

So now I have joined plus size, which starts at UK12/UK14 about. My hips are very honest enough to never lie, they do not lie.

Sometimes I fear to get pics taken as they might end up looking like those girls on instagram who show off their bodies to get laid, likes, stalked..even if they do not want that, the instacreeps come crawling.

Back to my shopping dilemma,

Mom said one morning, as I struggled to get into a tailored dress I bought a year ago in a department store. That she was pledging some money because “SHE FELT SORRY FOR MY CLOTHES”

My clothes were damaged, some have holes from dressing malfunctions and generally some clothes do not last long,

After asking my good good friend who knows nothing about shopping, he advised me to try a hip boutique. So then I went into department stores and dropped into a boutique by blogger


So given that it was end of month, I decided to set aside money to buy some investment pieces into my wardrobe. I have become budget savvy, but I realised that I did need to start wearing clothes that fit into my lifestyle and unto my body.


Know what your style look should be about.

Know your lifestyle, your circles that you interact and your lifestyle. If you drive, know what you can sit driving wearing sitting in your vehicle. If you use cab/kombis know how much you have to walk around usually when buying clothes and shoes.

If you go to work, how much do you walk around at work and if the floors are friendly for your choice of shoes…and of course how important it is how you dress up. If you are a PA or appear in meetings, stay aware of those things.

Shop Around and really look at the make of the clothing

My aunt is pedantic, she has style but being a busy mom sometimes time to dress up is scarce. I do admire how she checks quality of make, so although she might be clashing when she dresses in a hurry.

So check the fabric, washing instructions, the seams and shape of clothing before you try them on. Know what you are comfortable in, while some people like trench coats, layering might be simpler for some people.

QUALITY trumps all 

After checking the clothes in Truworths and Barbours, durability was my issue with past experience.

Remember that perhaps some clothes cost more, the durability of clothes over many years of use is far more important than always buying new but affordable clothes every month

PLUS SIZE IS ME had an episode on their South African experience shopping as plus size kids, which for me is the opposite, I grew up below the standard size for kids my age, how I keep learning


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