My butt is big…So what?

I wish I could say that, you see I am a size 12/14 I am not sure and a few years back I was a size 8,

Here is my issue is that it has become other people’s issue why my body has changed, and while I would like to be happy that I am not my body size people that surround me have a tendency of talking shit, these people are not my friends unfortunately and for good reason I have a few friends

One designer said I should stop whining about my weight if I do not want to make a change about it, it’s because I refused to get designed

Comments on the size of my bum, my stomach, my thighs, let me be honest enough to say that the negativity will be my downfall and my breakdown and it’s coming from the outside,

So this is a message to everyone, don’t talk about my weight unless you are my day one and have good intentions, making jokes on someone’s weight whose story you don’t know shit about is plain rude,

Overweight people or people who are chubby or gaunt woke up knowing their state, and you should rather not ask an idiotic question you have no right to knowing about,

And to all those people who said crap about people’s weight, please fuck off and meet the cold bitch I am to my enemies,

Accept your body and tell the comments people to go choke on a pork chop.




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