Natural Updo with Marley Braid Hair

Next hairstyle idea…🙆


I was getting ready to go out for Happy Hour with my girlfriends and had planned to do a wash n’ go but somehow I messed up the order of the way I’m supposed to apply my products. Needless to say, the order in which you put products in your hair can really make or break your style. Faced with a producty stiff hair, I decided to do a updo with a $4.99 pack of Marley Braid hair. It’s a good idea to keep some stashed away to hard times like these.

Here’s what I used: 1 Pack of Marley Braid Hair, 3 elastic bands (1 for the ponytail, 2 for the Marley Braid Hair), Ecostyler Gel, Brush, and lots of Bobbi Pins.

Put your hair into a high ponytail and make to big twists. Bantu knot the two big twists and pin them down at the base of the ponytail, one toward the front…

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