SKINCARE regime…choosing what works for your skin

So the other day I decided to change my skin care regime…main reasons was the increase in price of the product and generally feeling that when I stop using it the problem I think we need to take note on saving money with beauty care

Know your skin needs… If you have oily skin, acne prone, dry skin, combination skin, scar tissue problems. That helps determine what essential products you need to form your face wash.

Know ingredients and skin sensitivity. Any acid in the face wash will not be advisable for sensitive skin but could help remove acne..clarify with a chemist what ingredients help to solve a skin problem.

Stop following the trend or advert instead know your budget and what your skin needs and amount of time you need to do the whole routine. A regime you can afford is sustainable.

ALWAYS use day moisturizer with SPF or add sunscreen to your face cream,

ALWAYS wash your face in the morning and evening with lukewarm water,

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