We Discuss the Fashionability of African Print with @ShonaAccra by Ngugi Vere

SHONA ACCRA by Ngugi Vere
SHONA ACCRA by Ngugi Vere

So I was looking at the general trend of African Print into our clothing, which is dutch-wax fabric made in Holland commonly worn in West Africa. There is now a trend for designers and tailors to use it in modern formal silhouettes.

Just how sustainable is this trend and will it ever cease? We caught up with stylist and designer of African print label, SHONA ACCRA to talk about African Print, Meet Mr. Ngugi Vere

Ngosikadzi: You use Ghanaian fabrics in your designs, why is that and what is your point of inspiration??
VELLY: Well i fell in one love with the Ghanaian fabrics so much that i have a relationship with them. I have an eye for the best fabric prints in particular the wax. And i also disturbed by how other designers fail to bring out the best in them, so i took it upon myself to specialize in them and show the best of them through our creative and innovative designs. And also my partner is a lover of the Ghanaian fabrics so it was just key selling proposition for us because it’s our love and strength.

Ngosikadzi: After dressing celebrities in Shona Accra how can the everyday person get hold of the merchandise?

VELLY: Shona Accra doesn’t only cater for celebrities, in fact most of our buyers are not even celebrities. It’s for anyone who appreciates authenticity, creative, innovation and quality African pieces.
We still working on our online shopping site but at the moment people can purchase by inboxing our Facebook: Shona Accra or IG: @shonaaccra and we can ship to you. Alternatively mailto: ngugy.velly@gmail.com

Ngosikadzi: Let’s talk about the African Print Trend? How long do you think it is going to last?

VELLY: Well i can’t say much about the durability of the African print trend because it’s been in existence for the past 100 yrs. It’s all about how one uses it and reinvent it through their designs. I want to believe that African PRINT is no trend, it’s  mortal style

Ngosikadzi: How do we take care of African Print materials?

VELLY: The best care is to wash it before you wear or sew it so it can be softer  and less structured. Well the levels of print differ and so is the care treatment/wash. It all depends whether it was printed, dyed or knitted.

You can follow Shona Accra on our online platforms:
Facebook: Shona Accra
Instagram: @shonaaccra

I love African fashion because it gives me identity – Iam AFRICAN – Ngugi Velly

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