MEDIA NEWS: @IamNgosikadzi starts writing #BRIDAL

??????????????????????Inspired by my sister’s wedding and the love to jabula at weddings… I started writing for this brand new spanking section in THE SUNDAY MAIL for BRIDAL,

Having been a bridesmaid I started with how to choose the bridesmaid gown here is the full article as published on The Sunday Mail site

BRIDESMAIDS are the support team for every bride. They share the special moments in every bride’s big day.


However, dealing with the personality clashes can cause problems in choosing the bridesmaids’ dresses. Save yourself the drama and possible tension on your big day by following these simple guidelines:

Make a plan

Your final wedding gown will set the tone of the bridesmaid dress and style. To avoid embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, the bride should choose the gown at least six months before the wedding. This gives you room, maybe two to three months, for alterations and delivery.

Know the budget and cost

Traditionally, bridesmaids cover costs of the dress, so when picking a dress take into account the different financial situations.

However, if you are set on a certain dress, you can decide to cover the costs yourself or get costs covered as a gift from a guest.

The budget will help decide on whether to get custom-made dresses from a designer or order them online.

It saves manufacturing stress to buy from a department store that sells formal event dresses.

Decide on a colour that complements

Consult a colour wheel to determine the colours of your dresses to complement the skin tones of your bridesmaids and the décor of the ceremony.

Darker shades will complement a winter wedding and evening weddings, with lighter shades for summer weddings or an afternoon wedding.

The style, consider culture and religious practices

Choose the style and design of the dress by considering the different body shapes and level of comfort for the bridesmaids.

Choose a dress design that flatters all the bridesmaids’ bodies and is reusable on formal events.

Also consider the clothing guidelines of certain churches and cultures of the families when choosing the style.

Some churches will not allow exposed shoulders. In such a case, have scarfs to accessorise during the ceremony.

Also protect your bridesmaids from fainting in the heat or freezing in their dresses by ensuring the design is weather-appropriate for the season, location and timing of the wedding.

Fabric choice should complement the bride’s wedding gown

Choose the fabric carefully by matching it to the wedding gown. If your dress is lace, bridesmaids’ dresses should be accented with lace, embroidery or diamante detail.

A chiffon gown should have light airy dresses for bridesmaids. With a satin wedding gown pair it with subtle sheen polished fabrics like silk, charmeuse or taffeta.

Manage dynamics by delegating duties in your bridal team

Avoid friction by choosing a dress for the team using a chat group or via email to avoid opinion clashes on dress choice. Make every bridesmaid feel special and give each maid a responsibility in the styling and coordination of ensuring the team looks picture perfect for the big day.


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