BARGAIN ALERT: @HausOfStone FINAL clearance of OTHA collection

FIRST AND FOREMOST… this is not a PRANK!!!


We Love Haus of Stone and their popular collection is stopping further production, so to give way to the new, they are having a BUY ONE GET ONE FREE sale, here are the fool  FULL details

As we enter into the Easter Season, HOS is ushering out our OTHA Collection with a MASSIVE CLEARANCE SALE of all remaining stock.

Our BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Sale begins today. We have limited stock and sizes available, so the early bird catches the worm.

Sizes available range from a size 6 to 14. Once sold-out OTHA products will no longer be available for purchase or custom order.

All you need to walk away with two HOS items is a min of $35 to $99. – Danayi Chapfika


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