REVIEW: EVENT – Luster Hair Zimbabwe Launch


So yesterday there was a cheese and wine evening for Luster Products, an American hair care company which I believe is black owned, and is selling product in Zimbabwe. I had an okay evening to be honest, I have to be honest, I hope they are open for the honesty so here it goes


The vibe was low, there was nothing really exciting from the choice of music and poor ventilated area. No real opportunity for people to mingle or interact. I was lucky to find Lorraine and Gwinyai from FEST GURUS so I had people to random converse with.

There could have been a program in place to tell us what was going on.But no it was a hub of total randomness. There was a nice touch with having NDNM and COCO SEED at the event, so I could vibe with my other bae which is fashion.

Also when I arrived I just got random stares from some women wearing white at the door. Also, some cars were parked in the pathway to the salon. Ugh…. annoyed I was indeed.


Okay so it was a cheese and wine. That meant there was a couple of box wines, some gouda blocks and vienna sausage cut up, sometimes on toothpicks. And a variation of grapes, white grapes and black grapes.

The food was not classy for the ambience that was attempted. Cheese and wine was literally interpreted, with one cheese and box wine. I could not deal, some JC Le Roux would have been OKAY….


There was a display of product in the salon, however only a few of them were used in the demonstration. The demo person had come already relaxed and to be honest the hair was relaxed bone straight which did not make them enviable.

A variation of style, hair types would have been good. To be honest if they had someone with a passion for hair they would have organised a good event for the hair crowd.

I also have no idea if they ever thought how to make their products memorable. No information on products given and samples/goodie bags had the hair lotion and a choice between a gel or hair milk detangler. So I cannot give much of review on the product because insufficient info was given on what matters to hair users.


If they want to seriously sell in the hair market, they need to hire me as a consultant to get what real hair gurus like and respond to in Harare. Till  then, good luck to them!

I also left early, Prayer Soul arrived around eight and was setting up when I left, by then I was thinking about my blankies.

They have another event coming up next month, I hope it goes way better




2 thoughts on “REVIEW: EVENT – Luster Hair Zimbabwe Launch

  1. Well arent you the winer! Pun intended.

    Funny thing is I visualised you in an evening gown, on toppy toe, because your pointy heels kept sinking in the soft lawn, hem hiked up as you navigated past the ill-parked cars, then the two staring ladies at the door, your sideways glances as you looked for either someone you knew or a waiter with a wine tray, the frown when you realised there was no JC le Roux, your smile of recognition when you finally spotted two familiar faces, your apraising look as you took in everything, and then your jaded ”can we go now?” expression as thoughts of your blankies took over.

    I’m not a hair/fashion person but enjoyed reading this. It felt strangely like… I had attended.

    My pen is capped



    1. Thanks for reading, the event lacked the lustre of the brand, I actually had come from work and yes I did walk in and think.. is this it. Needless to say this article has made me of their invite list, oh well, such is life as a blogger. I can’t bootlick for invites.



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