Fashion & January Disease: Wake me up when JANUARY ends….

Harare – Sometimes we forget that after December comes boring ol’ January. January disease is when the budget needs to be tighter than ever. 2015 is the year that I hope to live within my means…yes it’s kind of what Rebecca Bloomwood from SHOPAHOLIC decided at the end of the movie,


1. Do not order new clothes on your account, cash purchases, lay-bye or credit basis

In order to solve the financial crisis, whatever you have in your reserves during January should be towards paying debt, rather than accumulation of more debt.

For example I have an account at a medical retail shop and I will be clearing that debt once and for all at the beginning of this year. So when February hits me, I will not have a continuos debt following me into the next month.


Instead, wear and mix and match stuff in your wardrobe and swap clothes with people if need be for some new clothing items

2. Prioritize expenses and overheads

Set a list of priorities for the month, for example if you really do NEED a hairstyle change, or a good wash and curling could last for a couple more weeks. For example my braids have grown so much there is an afro underneath, but curling them gave them new life instead of new hair.

So you can buy extensions or whatever else in order to prepare for when you can afford new hair

So this is to a more financially savvy me, I cancelled three dress orders I had made and I hope after publishing this I pay more money towards my account of debt from cosmetic credit buying

I also started selling stuff from my wardrobe to make some extra cash from clothes I do not wear, and that has been a highly rewarding venture

JANUARY…please end the soonest..




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