Dating Style Diaries: First Teenage Love Affair

Harare – So love is in the air, it’s January and while others focus on January disease. I on the one hand am heavily investing in FEBRUARY 14 2015, Valentines Day soon after January. Now how to dress to get a man, was a post I did way back when I had my groove on Read the FIRST DATE article here —> First Date: How to dress to get a manSo I have a client to style, sweet A student, Top Sports over achiever girl who is shy of guys. I don’t blame her, the system of this catholic girls schools can damage a girl’s normalcy.

Reminds me of being a teenage girl and seeing a cute guy, oh my my breathing would be altered (sounds like I was a dog on heat or something)

Anyhoo…so I know how to dress to get a mature relationship (ahem…do not judge me for saying this although I am single as ever), so I had a style challenge

STYLE CHALLENGE: How to style a teenage girl to meet a boy at a sports event

Further details

Location of Date: Cricket match, unofficial One Day International

Challenge: Meeting teenage boys and not looking ridiculous

So from my wisdom and experience of looking like a fool at these events, I advise my baby sis what to wear and how to not look like a fool.

1. Dress the least controversial way and most comfortable

Teenagers much like it has always been, like short stuff. To attract boys with legs and cleavage instead of  their personality.

Fashion JOBs
Stay in your comfort zone

However there are touts around, and boys will think you’re easy to get into your pants if you showing leg and boobs and back and belly.

So make sure the clothes fit on your body and will avoid a verbal showdown from scary African moms, who in Zimbabwe are available everywhere you go.


Tshirt, Jeans and Flats – put cute accessories, less is more

A dress, small jacket and ankle chunky boots,

Use a sling bag, keep it small and flexible for you to move around.

2. Keep the Makeup and Hair Simple and Easy

Do not decide to get VAULTED for a day for cricket, a lip gloss and some blush and a bit of powder is enough to show a “barefaced” makeup.

The last thing one wants to be is the girl who gets lashes for a day at cricket in broad daylight in the grass.


KEEP it casual and authentic to your style, HATS are always a good idea for outdoor stuff
KEEP it casual and authentic to your style, HATS are always a good idea for outdoor stuff

>>> Be practical about everything, how you wear clothes choice of shoes and seating availability at the destination.

>>> Be subtle about looking attractive, show your body shape not your whole body exposed. As long as it fits


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