LOOKBOOK: The FROCK MARKET by @IamNgosikadzi – Season 1: ☆☆☆ “Hippies Just Wanna Have fun!”☆☆☆

Harare – Oh how I missed blogging on Concrete Jungle. So this is what happened since, I got into a rather emotionally tearing experience. So I decided to stick to what I know, and GETTING MY LIFE.

I started a HIGH-Fashion Online Magazine for Women, discussing all of the topics from fashion and giving women access to affordable unique fashion for different styles of women,

Ngosikadzi Magazine – http://ngosikadzi.tumblr.com

What is the FROCK MARKET

Previously owned clothing that is in good condition that can work with a person’s style, these garments are then sold online using the Facebook page, This blog and the Ngosikadzi Magazine!

Each will be published in different “Seasons” with a theme and style identity.

The first season was inspired by eccentric bohemian, Hippy, Artsy dressing

Season 1: ☆☆☆ “Hippies Just Wanna Have fun!”☆☆☆

ABOUT KUDZANAI: I like to think of myself as a drifter or wanderer if you’d rather call it that.
A serial reader with a lousy sense of fashion.

WHY SHE LOVE HIPPIE BOHEMIAN: I like hippie styles because you can pretty much wear whatever, in whichever colour-there are no limitations, or boundaries with hippie styles and yet you can be creative with fashion from your great grandma’s generation right through to the 3rd generation after you’re gone.
You can pretty much get away with anything whilst comfortable and looking cool at the same time.

Real Girl Model: Kudzanai Chitambara
Credit: Styling, Makeup, Director by Robin Chaibva (Editor Blogger)

**Terms: You can only buy what.is for sale, accessories and other clothes are for styling purposes.

First come first serve basis.

Buyers will until further notice have to arrange pickup and payment in HARARE.

You can show your interest in BUYING by INBOXING us on the NGOSIKADZI STYLE Facebook OR commenting on the picture


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