Shopaholic Series: ‘Financial Savviness’ as a Shopaholic

HARARE – Seeing as though the likes of Rebecca Bloomwood, a financial writer with a shopping problem, inspired me to go into this media/journalism career. It has to be clear, it’s not a very financially abundant paying job.

The rewards are mostly non-monetary, but you cannot buy Nine West shoes with PASSION

I live and work in Zimbabwe, and just in case you haven’t read the news about Zimbabwe, there are these things called ‘sanctions’ that are blamed for EVERYTHING, somehow they cause this situation.

Where salary rewards are either low, reducing or just being cut off. The general idea is that the economy is deflating and people are most of the time BROKE.

So how can we survive?! I live off my parents still (the perks of being an African unmarried girl-child and youngest child), BUT I still have to make available resources work to keep this SHOPPING disease.

African Print Dresses Custom Made
African Print Dresses Custom Made
Nine WEST brights
Nine WEST brights

How to save MAKE IT WORK with your MONEY

  1. Buy in advance, so if you want to have an outfit made or do your hair consistently, buy your inputs in advance. Make sure when you can you buy fabric, buy extensions, so when the time comes, you have to just get money for installation or manufacturing.
  2. Learn how to HAGGLE, negotiate prices like your life depends on it. Ask for discounts and agreements that save you money.
  3. Get a personal tailor, getting someone you can trust with your clothes will save you the effort of always looking for the expensive designer department store clothing
  4. SWAP CLOTHES, swap clothes with your friends, exchange clothes you do not fit, ask for clothes from your close buddies

When the going gets tough, the tough get SHOPPING


Luv All o’ Yall



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