Confessions of a Shopaholic: Where do YOU shop?

HARARE – So like…I have a major confession. A book had me convinced that journalism was my career choice. I never obsessed over Carrie from Sex in The City, but my influence was the charming Becky from Confessions of a Shopaholic,
Rebecca Bloomwood – character in the Confessions of a Shopaholic book series

It got me thinking, if perhaps I caught on the bug from the 2009 movie, having moved back to Zimbabwe after my Media diploma, I wondered how so ever I will survive in Harare without MEGA MALLS, (Sandton City) or MASSIVE markets (Dar es Salaam markets).

But I do have shopaholic tendencies, it has come to the point of hiding my purchases from my mom or anyone, I shop alone mostly to avoid the judgmental eyes and every purchase receipt/tag is removed with immediate effect. It’s no surprise to me my first check comes in and I kinda lose perspective on what I convinced myself.

It got me thinking..locally…

Where do YOU shop in Zimbabwe??

Where Do YOU Shop in your country?
Where Do YOU Shop in your country?

As a result of the economy in Zimbabwe, issues with FDI, deflation, industry closures etc, I have seen many people start selling clothing and shoes.

More and more people start Facebook pages to sell any stock, (every month a woman religiously sends me THIRTY pictures on Whatsapp with different clothing and shoes she sells.)

Now a proliferation of Online Shops that are selling clothes, we have seen eCloset263 few years back, now which advertised in JEWEL, Mucha Couture,, while I think online shopping in Zimbabwe is a good idea, there is too much of a rush on being the FIRST than MOST LUCRATIVE.

Also with PayPal and MasterCard Zimbabwean customers can now shop on online shops outside Zimbabwe, international online shops include Mr. Price South Africa, Kisua, Styled By Africa.

Can we have too many clothes???

Then we have Second-hand resellers and Clothes resellers, at flea markets, back of cars, taxi ranks people are reselling clothes from Joburg, China or second-hand items. It’s no surprise if you are working, a workmate of yours is selling SOMETHING to you.

And then we have Designer Brands, there is a trend and push agenda by FWZ and ZFW to wear local designer brands. With dresses costing at least a $100 a piece for a deMOYO custom, same for MUCHA dresses.

The traditional Department Stores, Edgars Zimbabwe and Truworths Zimbabwe are becoming more competitive. Edgars now has a CLUB magazine, run by DanTs media as well as Free2BU, Charter club brands and Truworths has DeMoyo a Zimbabwean Brand, Pringle, Nine West and Truworths formal brands.

And then there is always the obvious alternative, freebies, hand me downs, mom’s aunts closet for special finds… where do you shop and build your closet.




2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Shopaholic: Where do YOU shop?

  1. When we love fashion, we don’t stop buying. I agree with you, there are so many ways to shop nowadays. There are mobile apps and blog sales too, which in the past was not existed. I tell myself I have enough, but you know, there are just so many beautiful pieces of clothing out there and we girls have the tendencies to collect 🙂


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